Affordable Membership

DSC membership rates are some of the most competitive in town!  We put studio use within each of any serious artist.

Ready to roll

DSC studios include lighting, props and furtniture so we're ready to go for your projects.  We can even supply models if you need them.  You just need your camera and triggers.


Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of Dayton's creative community.


Natural Light or Strobes - you're covered

DSC's Dayton studios feature full-length windows that bathe the studio in consistent natural light during the day.  If you're a natural light photographer you'll love our space during daylight hours.

The studios also have strobes available for those interested in shooting with studio lighting - or you can bring your own.


The studio comes equipped with the following amenities:

  • White Wall
  • Black and White Fabric drops
  • Beds
  • Ample natural light during the day
  • Studio strobes with softboxes
  • Make-up table
  • Dressing room space
  • Furniture includes: upholstered chairs, loveseat, and a variety of stools.
  • Members have freedom to shoot anywhere within in the "public access" spaces of the property including hallways, stairwells, elevator, loading docks, parking lot etc.
  • Heat and AC in the studio.
  • Fridge with refreshments
  • Bluetooth speaker for music
  • Cable broadband hotspot coverage - Dayton Studios
  • Only minutes from numerous downtown outdoor shooting locations.
Model Prep Area

Get your Space

Interested in joining?  Contact us to learn more about membership options and rates.