Hello from DSC!

The founding of the Dayton Studio Collective is an interesting story...

Over the last couple years I had often lamented over not having a studio space of my own where I could shoot. One such conversation with a friend in July of 2016 turned into a "for the fun of it" research project where I began looking into commercial spaces.

I embarked upon this journey with every expectation that it wouldn't go anywhere.  That, ultimately, it was an exercise in futility but that least, in the end, I would be armed with factual information that would justify my studio-less plight.

As my research continued I found as doors closed, others would open.  After a short time I felt the journey was carrying me along on it's own...as if I was just along for the ride.

After a month and half of researching, searching, meeting some great people and touring all kinds of spaces, strangely enough, a commercial space not only became available but it became attainable. It was surreal how smoothly things fell into place and with that The Dayton Studio Collective began taking shape.

Its vision is simple: To put studio space within the financial reach of virtually of any serious photographer. Provide a space that fosters creativity, collaboration and the freedom to practice your craft without always being on the clock (and the financial hook) of an hourly rental. And, ultimately, to contribute positively to the advancement of Dayton's creative community.

It is with great excitement and that vision in mind that I introduce the Dayton Studio Collective.

To Luna: Thank you for your support, friendship, and your overall spirit.  You're the reason for this project. I count it an honor to call you my friend.