Why Studio Memberships work

Why is a studio membership a good idea?  Well, I’m glad you asked…

  1. Your more profitable: your membership fee is a low flat rate which makes it easy to budget.  Since it’s recurring it offsets the commercial space costs for the lease holder in a predicable manner which keeps prices low (and stable) over time for everyone. For the paid work you do you book you’re not giving up as much of that income to studio rental fees which means you make more money.  And if you’re a regular shooter who doesn’t generate a lot of income from your work this puts having a space to work much more in reach because all those rental hours add up quickly.
  2. You can focus on your business: compared to having your own studio space you don’t need mess with leases, building managers and the other headaches that accompany having your own commercial space.  You can just worry about your photography.

I personally set out on this endeavor because my niche of photography business doesn’t generate a whole lot of income from the shooting itself.  Further, I know many other photographers who are in this boat as well. There wasn’t much out there for people like me and I know there’s a lot of us.  It’s why DSC was created. Artists should be able to focus on their craft without going broke.

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