How do Memberships work?

DSC members pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee gets you access to DSC's studio space and the amenities offered by that space.

DSC offers affordable membership options that puts studio space in reach of virtually any budget.  For the cost of 2 to 3 hours of studio time at most other places you can get a month of membership at DSC.

What does it cost?

DSC operates on a membership model:

  • $150/mo: You get your own, full access to the studio all month with approx 30hrs of studio time. This is a monthly recurring fee.

Your membership fee gets you access to ALL studios DSC operates. Currently that's 3 in Dayton, 1 in Springfield and 2 in Cincinnati.

Membership fees are paid via Paypal.

Do you offer hourly rentals for one-time projects?

We do offer "non-member" access to the studio for one-time projects.  Typically we charge $20/hr for non-member rentals All non-member studio use is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I host a workshop at DSC?

Members are always welcome to host workshops at DSC.

Non-Members may host workshops by renting a studio for a day rate. Please contact the studio to discuss your workshop.

How do you handle bookings?

Members have access to a shared calendar to manage bookings. Studio reservations are on a first come first serve basis.  Members have their own access to the studio.

The studio is open to members 24/7/365.

Do you have props and/or furniture?

Our full list of amenities is listed here.

What are the terms?

To discuss terms of membership in more detail please contact us.